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Fagans Farm, RCFM Verified Grower

As we begin our farm tours of the River City Farmers Market vendors volunteering to become a verified grower, our first stop found us in Lower Salem at Fagans Farm. Nestled in the countryside, this farm is overflowing with old world charm and traditions. Tom and Kate Fagan oversee the daily operation but have plenty of help with nine eager and caring kids.

This farm grows and provides the community with flowers, locally raised meat and pumpkins.

During the spring you can find Kate and the kids growing and tending the greenhouse. Inside you will find relief from the gloom of early spring with pops of color throughout. From annual blooms to veggie transplants you can find what you are looking for! They grow annuals in woven hanging baskets that are unique to this farm and give customers a chance to display some country charm on their porches. The best part, is you can stop out to browse the plants in the greenhouse, receive growing tips from Kate, pickup ready to hang baskets or create your own with a variety of transplants.

When arriving you will notice the rolling pastures that are home to a herd of Herford Cattle. Not only do they maintain the cows and calves, but they also grow 100% Washington County beef in those pastures. This farm is also home to hogs that roam the fields, living the traditions of agriculture in these hills. They have selected a processing facility that is true to their values, using natural ingredients and faith-based morals. You can be confident that this farm provides start to finish local meat products from their family to yours.

In the spring, their market booth is where you want to gather, with plants from top to bottom you will forget that winter is barely over. Throughout the year you can grab various types of beef and pork cuts from their freezers or reserve enough to fill your freezer. As the seasons change the Fagans grace our market with mums, pumpkins and gourds so everyone can celebrate the fall season with their farm.

As our first verified grower of the 2023 season, we encourage you to stop by to meet the Fagans, bring home a pop of color for your patio and local meat for your next family cookout.

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