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Loweland Gardens, RCFM Verified Grower

Our verified grower tours took us outside of Marietta to explore the gardens of Barb and Dave Lowe. These two have worked side by side throughout the years to produce wholesome produce for their families and ours. From the traditional staples, green beans galore!, to the unique items, home grown celery, you can discover an array of choices. They are definitely not afraid of a challenge and continue to work together to create gardens that are both beautiful and productive.

As with any garden strong roots are important and these two have some of the strongest roots to their land and home. Both of them have walked this country road since childhood, growing up on the same road, riding the same bus and building a life together. Their roots are in this community and the love for their family and this area can be felt with every story.


ing our visit we walked the gardens, with envy and aww of the variety and span of various garden beds. Each one holds lessons of science, experience and patience to ensure healthy soil and produce. Each plant demands certain requirements, and these clever gardeners work to create the perfect environment, using hoop houses, shade clothes and more to ensure happy, healthy produce for our plates. From the perfect plan of companion and succession gardening to good old fashioned elbow grease, these two take a blank canvas of two acres, paint it with seeds and feed the community.

For this duo, the growing season begins indoors, when the rest of us are still complaining about winter weather, Barb is dreaming of spring and caring for seedlings. Working throughout the summer months and into the fall. However, in the little downtime from gardening, Dave still finds time to create unique handcrafted planters to complement the beautiful flowers available at their booth.

You can find produce, cut flowers and wooden creations from Loweland Gardens at River City Farmers Market every Saturday morning!

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