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Hucks Produce Farm, RFCM Verified Grower

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

We had the opportunity to tour the farm of Hucks Produce and were humbled by the history, work ethic, and kindness of our newest RCFM verified growers. Even though they have been with the market for about fifteen years, keeping our community well-fed, their story is not well known because of their humble nature and busy lifestyle.

Mead and Tana Huck oversee several hundred acres between Waterford and Lowell, growing

everything from produce, plants, and commodity crops. Providing products to create the perfect peaceful patio, great local produce for family get-togethers or a quiet dinner, and crops that run this country on a much larger scale. I wish I could paint you a picture of the amount of work, devotion, and determination that goes into the daily management of this farm but there are no words that can do it justice, but know that the work never ends and challenges never go away, and the passion of Ag never falters. Mead has continued the traditions of his family and serves our community with a work ethic unmatched by most.

The story of the land is astonishing, handed down through the generations, each one taking the responsibility as caretaker very seriously. As the story goes, a portion of the property was issued to the Huck family by the government for military service during the revolutionary war! We have all heard those stories as part of SE Ohio’s history but to think that the same family has cared for that land through all the hardships time has thrown at them, years of devastating weather and farming advancements, is a testament to their passion for farming.

At their market booth, Tana helps customers select the best locally grown produce from their farm. Her story did not always include farm life and all the daily work but she has great stories about her “city mouse” turned country life that brought laughter during our visit. Despite where she started or ended up, the love of her family, the farm, and her customers are obvious to everyone.

Make sure you stop by the booth of Huck Produce Farm to grab great local products from their family to yours!

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