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Sugar Butte Farm, RCFM Verified Grower

Our next stop on our verified grower tours, Sugar Butte Farms outside of Lowell Ohio. Many curious customers have toured this farm before us because this family loves to open their doors and their hearts to the community sharing their mission and their love for nature and agriculture. Sugar Butte Farm is one of the newer farms in the area, but they make up for that with passion and drive to accomplish balance on their farm and in the lives of their customers.

At first glance, this farm may not fit the picture of traditional agriculture but once you start to stroll the pastures and meet the caretakers you will understand the passion and motivation behind the mission. Eric and Kayla have been working to create a perfect balance between nature and agriculture, with the desire to provide quality locally raised products with minimal impact on the environment. They also strive for improved quality of life for the livestock that graze the land.

While exploring the farm we met several passels of hogs living their best life, while unknowingly working to create soil biodiversity, sustainable agriculture, and a movement to improve the future of our world. Which is pretty serious work for a crew that seems to have no worries at all, roaming the woods, exploring a spring, hunting for acorns and curiously greeting visitors with their floppy ears and dirty snouts. The mission of this farm can seem pretty intense at times, but after meeting their livestock you know they are doing great things with love and compassion.

Little huts are positioned throughout the pastures, housing a tribe of broilers (meat birds) that move across the land foraging for bugs and grass while doing their part for soil health. The chicken huts are moved daily to ensure new, clean ground is explored. There is also a flock of layers that quaintly stroll, scratch and peck, tending the soil all while providing a delicious breakfast option for customers. With Eric and Kayla’s management, these birds contribute to the dream of sustainable agriculture while providing customers with quality locally raised products they can confidently serve their families.

In addition to poultry and pork this farm is exploring new options, pushing the boundaries toward their dreams. A herd of sheep has been added to the pastures and the anxious anticipations of expecting lambs. They have been working on their initial year of providing fresh produce for customers, establishing gardens, and learning the needs of their soil for a great harvest. Their daily workload is done while raising a family of their own, together they provide for themselves, the soil, and the community. Learning together and exploring the possibilities of a life in agriculture with the support of the community.

The farm is opened for tours and events throughout the year, watch for upcoming dates for your chance to meet the livestock of Sugar Butte Farm! You can stop at the market every Saturday to talk sustainable agriculture or grab amazing locally raised pork, chicken, and eggs! This farm is not just a business, it is a community and family of customers.

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