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Peck's Farm, RCFM Verified Grower

Nestled at the end of a gravel road, along the Muskingum River, sits a turn-of-the-century farm with historic charm and a passion for all things poultry. Pecks Farm is our next destination for our verified grower program. This farm is operated by Amber and Gary Peck, with a unique focus, pasture-raised poultry- including chicken, layers, and heritage turkey.

Their journey did not begin in the pastures, it started in the show barn and their sons’ love for chickens. Expanding from a 4-H project into poultry shows throughout the state, the passion for poultry and the people they met along the way pushed these homesteaders into using almost fifteen years of poultry experience to provide local pasture-raised chicken and turkey for the community.

Throughout the year this farm is home to a flock of Heritage turkeys, varieties that would have roamed the fields in the early days of this farm. Taking in the view of the flock is breathe taking, adding character and rustic charm to the surroundings. Conversing with 50 birds will bring joy to any visitor, as you talk, they gobble back with contentment and pleasure. These turkeys are incubated, hatched, and raised on this farm, from start to finish, they are grown with passion for the bird and the customers.

At Peck’s Farm, Heritage turkeys are the center of the mission, with education, and practices to contribute to the preservation of the dwindling population. Raising these birds for production is an important part of the process and the favorite part of this farm for Amber and Gary.

During the spring and summer modern-day broilers (meat chickens) are raised with old-school values in the fields and brooder barn. Grazing and exploring the pastures in a simple rotation ensures a healthy life for the bird and healthy, flavorful products for consumers. These values are continued into their choice of processors, utilizing an Amish ran, USDA-inspected facility using natural casings and seasonings to ensure safe, healthy products. Returning to the basics when growing poultry is an important part of this farm's values, raising birds on green grass and under blue skies throughout the summer.

Every Saturday morning you can shop the display freezer for whole chicken, cuts, ground, and chicken sausage. With the addition of eggs SOON! Talk to Amber or Anna about poultry, plants or cooking these amazing products. Anna loves to tell stories about the characters of the long-term residences of the farm, including Frank the grumpy goose, Hemingway the regal turkey, and a few crazy ducks. After all, she was raised in a chicken barn! This farm provides local poultry options that are simply raised for your family's dining experience.

This Farm is a member of the following:

· National Poultry Improvement Program

· Good Agricultural Practices Trained

· Livestock Conservancy

· Southeast Ohio Poultry Breeders Association

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