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Stacy Family Farm, RCFM Verified Grower

The magic of a farm is found in its fields and the families that operate it. With the Stacy

Family Farm we found both during our verified grower visit, exploring the strawberry fields on the verge of feeding the valley, the berry bushes in bloom preparing for the summer harvest, Asparagus pushing through the soil creating a miniature forest of spring veggies and bees eagerly doing their thing, unknowingly supporting this farm and the community, the magic of spring on the farm can be found in every row.

The Stacy Family Farm has been in operation for five generations, entwining their family heritage with that of our community. They continue their journey in Oak Grove, with land and passion handed down through generations, growing nutritious sweet treats and the perfect veggies to compliment any meal. Today many of us know the Reno location, fields bursting with sweetness, tractor rides, the joyous find of harvesting your own berries, and the perfect picture prop to document the annual trip to the farm.

The Reno location has its own story, and the transformation is nothing short of amazing! Until the 1980s the land was operated by the State Correctional Facility providing barrack housing and growing trees harvested by prisoners, but the Stacys saw more than what it once was and today the fields are harvested by laughing toddlers, grandma’s planning the perfect jam, families creating memories and the dedicated Stacy Family continuing their farming traditions.

The passion and love of all things farming has been passed down through the generations of the Stacy Family farm and in the spirit of that devotion they have opened their hearts and their farm to the community, sharing their passion for Ag and family through U Pick berries, educational opportunities, and family events, so the magic of the farm can be experienced by all.

At the River City Farmers Market the Stacy’s bring fresh locally grown produce throughout the growing season, and during summer/fall their booth bursts with color and cheer from cut sunflowers. Stop down on Butler Street to chat all things farming with Bill, Janet, Todd or Tyler and enjoy some of the most famous berries in the valley with one of RCFM’s Verified Growers!

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